Statistics and Reliability Meeting: May 10

Please forward this invitation to your friends and colleagues.

The ASQ Silicon Valley Statistics and Reliability Discussion Group cordially invites you to attend an outstanding FREE presentation. Welcome IEEE and ASA members.

TOPIC:  Toward a Reliable, Responsible and Agile Organization

SPEAKER:  Mr. Osama El Meligy

Chair and Moderator: Dr. John Flaig
Assistant Chair: Dr. Don Mintz
Corporate Sponsor: Applied Materials
Sponsor: Mr. Ravi Chandra from Applied Materials


No more is adapting to change an option for the survival of any Organization. Business environment is rapidly changing than ever and the future is increasingly becoming turbulent and unpredictable, thus organizational and Product Lifecycles are shortened and doomed to terminate and be replaced if change is not accounted for. Being agile is now one of the most important attributes in the Organizations Business Strategy if it wants to survive, and sustainability and Resilience are becoming goals of Quality Management systems and Standards that will support the Business Strategy.

The presentation will address a model for a reliable, responsible and sustainable organization based on the integration of 4 models, 1) Quality Improvement Model / PDCA, 2) Speed and Agility Model, 3) Good Governance model, and 4) sustainability model.


Eng. Osama El Meligy is a member of ISO/TC 176 since 1999 representing Egypt, a member of TC176/CSAG Chairman Strategic Advisory Group and convener of ISO/TC 176/ (Time, Speed and Agility Task Force). He is a management consultant and owner of Total Quality Company with more than 40 years of international experience in the field of Quality Management standards and management consulting. El Meligy has founded the Egyptian Society for Quality and is the former Secretary General of the Society. Throughout his career, El Meligy has been actively involved in setting new and enhancing existing standardizations on national and regional levels. He worked with more than 300 organizations from different sectors in their strategy, structure, management and operations to improve their performance and sustainably grow by adopting standards and finding new and better ways of doing business. He translated the famous Japanese book “Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement “for Hitushi Kume, into Arabic, and wrote the first Arabic book on Environmental Management Standard ISO 14000.


Quality Management, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Good Governance of Institutions of the National Quality Infrastructure and Social Responsibility.

Please RSVP at least two days prior to the meeting if you plan to attend.

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