Statistics and Reliability Meeting: July 12

Statistics and Reliability Meeting: July 12

Please forward this invitation to your friends and colleagues.

The ASQ Silicon Valley Statistics and Reliability Discussion Group cordially invites you to attend an outstanding FREE presentation. Welcome IEEE and ASA members.

TOPIC:  DOE Panel Discussion (Bring your questions)

SPEAKERS: Dr. John Flaig, Dr. Kien Wong, Dr. Don Mintz, Mr. Lester Wollman

Chair and Moderator: Dr. John Flaig
Assistant Chair: Dr. Don Mintz
Corporate Sponsor: Applied Materials
Sponsor: Dr. Charles Chen from Applied Materials



Bing all your questions — the things you always wanted to know about DOE, but were afraid to ask. The panel will try to answer the audience’s questions or provide suggestions where they might find the answers.


  1. Does OFAT mean I should consider going on a diet?
  2. How do I decide if I have too many or to few factors (x)?
  3. How do I know if I picked the right response variables (y)?
  4. How do I know that factor (x) affects a response variable (y)?
  5. Does DOE require the process to be in-control to work?
  6. Do I need a gage capability study for each variable in the DOE?
  7. Does it make much difference if the responses are discrete or continuous?
  8. How do I estimate the noise in the system?
  9. What are controllable, semi-controllable, and uncontrollable variables?
  10. Why do replicates? What about repeats? Is there a difference?
  11. Why randomize? What should you do if you can’t randomize?
  12. What is blocking? Is this something we do in football?
  13. What is an alias and how do we determine them?
  14. Is one experiment enough to find the answer?
  15. Should we confirm our results in production mode?
  16. Is there a covariate in the house? How about a doctor?
  17. What is design resolution?
  18. What are full and fractional factorial designs?
  19. What are first and second order designs?
  20. What about simplex designs? Is this a personality disorder?
  21. What are robust designs?
  22. What are response surface designs?
  23. What are algorithmic optimal designs (i.e., D and I optimal)
  24. How does JMP’s Custom Design work?
  25. How do we estimate “pure” error?
  26. How do we check the homogenous variance assumption?
  27. Should we maintain family unity or kick the kids out?
  28. What is EVOP? Will I need an antibiotic to be cured?
  29. What is uniform precision? Is this some military thing?
  30. What is Orthogonally? If I have it, should I see a doctor?
  31. What is the Sequential Simplex Search Method?
  32. What is GMDH ( What is the Ivakhnenko polynomial? And how do they apply to screening designs?
  33. What are Definitive Screening Designs?

Please send an RSVP to at least two days prior to the meeting if you plan to attend.

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