Statistics and Reliability Meeting: October 11

Statistics and Reliability Meeting: October 11

Please forward this invitation to your friends and colleagues.

The ASQ Silicon Valley Statistics and Reliability Discussion Group cordially invites you to attend an outstanding FREE presentation. Welcome IEEE and ASA members.

TOPIC:  Automating Supplier Management

SPEAKER:  Mr. Nipun Girotra

Chair and Moderator: Dr. John Flaig
Assistant Chair: Dr. Don Mintz
Corporate Sponsor: Applied Materials
Sponsor: Dr. Charles Chen from Applied Materials



A discussion and demo of 1factory’s Supplier Management system and a software. This is an opportunity to see a state of the art tool for managing the supply base.

The Problem We Solve:
Manufacturers are facing increasing levels of product and supply chain complexity (increasing number of products/variants, parts, suppliers and supply chain tiers). Unfortunately, manufacturing and supply chain quality control  processes have remained paper and spreadsheet based, and are now inadequate for the increased complexity. Consequences include rework, wasted capacity, poor product performance & reliability, and reputation damaging recalls.
The 1factory Solution:

At 1factory ( , we’ve built powerful yet easy-to-use software for manufacturing and supply chain quality control1factor y makes it easy to collect and analyze feature-level or parameter-level data (dimensional measurements, test results etc) for thousands of parts and product-features, from within your factory and across your supply chain. With 1factory, manufacturers can improve both quality and productivity. Our customers have reported > 50% reductions in inspection and reporting cycle-times, and > 80% reductions in the number of defects.

We currently support a wide-range of manufacturers in the aerospace, medical device, automotive, food, and precision optics industries. Here’s a link to customer reviews posted by our customers on Capterra (a Gartner company): 1factory reviews.



Nipun Girotra is the CEO of 1factory. Prior to founding 1factory, Nipun managed business unit operations at Novellus Systems, Inc. Nipun’s previous career experiences include multiple roles in manufacturing and operations management at Novellus Systems and Applied Materials. Nipun holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering, and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Applied Materials
The Bowers Cafe (aka Campus Cafe) right behind building 2
3090 Bowers Ave.
Santa Clara, CA. 95054 (see map link below)

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